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Top 7 Reasons to Switch to WordPress

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that is controlled by PHP and MySQL, generally utilized programming and database dialects. The must to be entrenched truly about WordPress is that it is the greatest content management famous platform on the web. It is assessed that more than 20% of every single new site are based on WordPress.

In this article we will enable you to decide whether it's an ideal opportunity to overhaul your site. All the more particularly, we will diagram our Top 7 Reasons to Switch to WordPress that is our favored and prescribed site stage.

1. WordPress is Free and Open Source

WordPress is an open source software allowed to utilize, alter and redistribute. That is why anyone can without quite a bit of an extend site its one of a kind source codes straightforwardly available. WordPress stage is an absolutely free and goes with vast authenticity. You can download it from

2. WordPress Makes SEO More Easy

Google and other search …